OLE custom Surfboards | Bob “OLE” Olson

ole 3My first surfboard was an OLE. It was a present for my 7th Birthday. Custom shaped by Bob for me – with the colors that I had dreamed up and my name in pencil on the stringer, and it was PERFECT. Changed my life. Yes, that surfboard changed my life!!  Best board EVER. Ole is a legend in the surfing community and there are hundreds of story’s just like mine, especially here in Lahaina. Bob is still in the shaping room doing what he loves, shaping beautiful custom surfboards for people to ride & enjoy their love of the ocean. No wonder he always has a smile on his face.  He is amazing! I stopped by the shop today to capture him in his element. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to leave, I could have photographed, listened to stories from people stopping by, and looked at the surfing history and photos in his shop all day!  The man is a living legend.

2013.03.27 OLE -29 ole 4ole152013.03.27 OLE -17


Bob “OLE” Olson started shaping boards in 1956.  “Ole is the oldest -living board builder that is still making boards.”

2013.03.27 OLE -26 Ole 6 Ole 8 Ole 9 Ole 10 Ole 11
ole14 ole16

2013.03.27 OLE -12 OLE17

If you would like to Purchase an OLE custom Surfboard you can call Bob @ (808) 661-3459 or stop by his shop in Lahaina.

7 thoughts on “OLE custom Surfboards | Bob “OLE” Olson

  1. Hi mr.olsen, this is DENIS NEUMAYER your loyal student class of 63′ at rancho. Glad to see your keeping busy at your age.just getting to turn the big 70 in late march. I keep busy as well, build dioramas mostly automotive nature.we had our 50th reuion in 2013 at knotts berry hotel. Planning a trip very soon to Maui ,will be sure to stop by and hello. Your student forever DENIS NEUMAYER .Email me if you get a chance at.hotroddenis@yahoo.com. Love to hear from you.

  2. Hi bob, just heard willie dancer died last sat at the age of 90. He lived a good full life. Surfs up.your student for life DENIS NEUMAYER 1963 class.

  3. Bob has made custom boards for my daughter and I for the past 15 years. I know that’s just a speck of time he has been making wave catching magic for many of you all but, as I’m sure most of the dads who get to surf with their daughters can attest it brings you both closer to each other.
    Bob…I want to thank you for great boards and great memories.

  4. Hey Bob, It’s John from the east coast of Delaware. Last time you saw me was 1988. You showed me how to shape boards. I house sat for you when you went skiing in Utah. I made my first three boards in your shaping room. My wife and I will be over there in November for two weeks. I will look you up.

  5. I have a 1960s old lady longboard no serial number glass wooden fin and it’s 10 ft pretty good condition and we’re trying to find out a value and we are in Huntington Beach California

  6. I have a 2003 Ole longboard 9 2 x 22.5×3 #168 I purchased new for 25 wedding anniversary gift for my husband. No longer will be returning to Florida needing to find a new home. Was curious what the value is now.

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