Naughty Grandpa…

20130326_Assinger Family_3883

There are 4 little boys in this family under the age of 7.

20130326_Assinger Family_3898


And one over 70.

20130326_Assinger Family_4071

When it comes to beach portraits there is an exponential relationship between the number of little boys and the likelihood of them ending up in the ocean.  So… Kristy, myself or a family member generally gives a quick debriefing on the necessity of staying out of the sand and water until we have taken some nice photos.

As it turned out, these four little boys – though definitely against their own instincts – were very well behaved and managed to stay more or less dry and restrict the sand to arms and legs for the first hour of our photography session.

I’m not sure if grandpa missed the debriefing or if the temptation to get his toes wet was just a little more then his spirit could refrain from, but grandma only looked away for a moment and he was off into the waves.  We managed to hide his wet shorts behind four giggling little boys but grandma kept him in arms reach for the remainder of the session!
20130326_Assinger Family_448820130326_Assinger Family 3sq20130326_Assinger Family_441720130326_Assinger Family_443320130326_Assinger Family_4502

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