Portrait Information and Pricing


Maui is blessed with vistas. Its a challenge to find a backdrop that isn’t aesthetically pleasing.   When we aren’t photographing and editing for clients, we are scouting. Exploring is our favorite thing to do and we are very good at it.  We are always discovering new locations and finding new perspectives on our more familiar spots.  Whatever you are envisioning, we can help you find it.

Portrait Planning 

There are many things you can do to ensure the smoothest of portrait sessions.  Communication and preparation are top of the list! We usually have a list of questions for you when you are booking a portrait session with us.  Your answers not only help us get to know you, but also give an idea of what you are envisioning and serve as a general guideline or checklist to get you prepared.

Pricing and Packages

Though our Beach Portraits are the most popular, we provide a wide variety of options for pricing and packages.  Follow the  Pricing and Packages  link for an overview of our Portrait Packages or feel to  email us  for a specific quote or with any questions.

Portrait Galleries

Follow the  Portrait Gallery  link for a slideshow of our portfolio or check out our Blog for recent projects!

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