Ceremony Lighting… have you thought about it?!

You’re getting married in Maui. AMAZING.

Its your wedding day. You’ve had your hair done. Your make-up perfected – your wedding dress flowing all around you; Your guests have flown in to Maui from all over the world to witness your I do’s & your groom is anxious to enjoy the magic and sparkle of what will be one of the best days of your life, your wedding day! 

But, You’re getting married in Maui – ITS HOT! The Sun is shining. And you’re escorted up to your handsome groom, and BAM! IT HITS YOU – the SUN!!!

Its bright and a little blinding, you start sweating, your makeup is melting, – you’re squinting and wishing you had your sunglasses on, and maybe you even almost pass out!! You ask yourself, why is this happening?! and why is your groom somehow in the shade??!! 😉

Details, such as light and timing of the location are essential to the overall beauty that encompasses this very special day! This is one of the many crucial details, both the bride, groom & wedding coordinator need to consider. Light and timing is what we, as photographers LIVE for! 

Your guests can be hot [they’re in paradise and probably too excited to care!], a little fan or a refreshing cocktail goes a long way here. Your groom can be hot- let’s face it, he didn’t have his hair or make up done, all this will be easily forgotten the minute he sees you walking down the isle!

But YOU, the BRIDE should not be in the direct sun while you are professing your love and reciting your vows to the man of your dreams [which is no easy feat]! You should be cool & comfortable to dazzle your groom and guests while looking your most stunning.

Ok, lets be HONEST – my motives are more selfish then actually being worried about you being too hot on your wedding day – my motives are the photos – harsh lighting is not a synonym with beautiful ceremony photos – when your facial expressions should be relaxed and full of overflowing love, not squints, sweat and direct sun!

Maybe you’ll get lucky and it will be a cloudy day, with no direct sunlight, maybe it will be a rainy day and then this won’t even be an issue. But PLEASE as your photographer I BEG you! Please consider the lighting and location of your ceremony.

Here are some tips to help you stay out of the sun to tie the knot!

> Scout the location at the time of the ceremony and see where the sun is. Its always changing, so if you check out the venue at 12 its going to be different then at 4. And same with the month of the year – the sun moves a lot here in Hawaii and so can be very different in March then in July.

> Style your wedding with an arch or Chuppah that has flowers or material on it that can create some shade for you to be in for the ceremony. Or create a swanky (shady) ti pi structure. Theres tons of ideas on Pinterest 😉

> Don’t be faced looking directly into the sun. Pick the ceremony side that is not facing the sun, let your groom be blinded by your beauty and the light instead…. Having the sun behind you – or behind your guests is better then on either you or the groom.

> Choose a ceremony location with lots of shade at your specific ceremony time. (Your guests will thank you) Think leafy greens of trees!

> Have your ceremony early enough in the afternoon that the sun isn’t already too low to hide in the shade.

> Talk to your coordinator about the different ceremony locations of your chosen venue and which is the coolest and offers the most shade.

If you find yourself in the sun somehow on your wedding day and your groom is in the shade, ask him switch him sides! Its your wedding ceremony you can do whatever you want to be comfortable!!

Lets be real – In all reality your wedding ceremony will be amazing whether you’re staring into the sun or not, but we hope this will make you think about if its something that you can avoid! If you choose Maui Maka Photography as your photographer we can always help you with scouting and choosing the perfect (cool & shady) location to say I do!



2015.08.08 A & P -366-X3

some examples of shaded ceremony locations for you! 2015.08.08 A & P -308-X32018.09.22 S & A | MMP-297-X3J&J-637-X32015.11.05 (u)-106-X32018.02.18 K & G Wedding | MMP-243-X32015.12.01 Reina & Tyler (lr)-36-X3

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