Our New Years Resolution was to Blog… its. April.

Maui Maka Photography is our heart & soul. We have poured ourselves into our passion for the past few years… It has been completely AMAZING. We are busy. busy. busy. busy. We are busy balancing our real lives with our passion and never quite locating the line that separates the two. Completely consumed at all times. if we are not taking photos, we are editing photos. if we are not editing photos, we are answering emails. If we are not answering emails, we are out finding adventures to experience and capture and express ourselves creatively. Throw in some ocean, travel, coffee, quotes & instagram – & repeat. It. is. a lot. of. work. To enjoy life this much and run a successful growing business. So the only thing that has suffered through all this amazingness? our BLOG!

Look for more inspiring, beautiful moments up on our blog coming soon.  You will actually get to see the daily ADD that is our photography business. Are we Wedding photographers? Portraits photographers? Lifestyle photographers? Commercial Photographers? Travel photographers? underwater photographers? Adventure photographers?

Yes. we are. We are Maui Maka Photography.

xo *k & r


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