Sweetgrass and Tobacco

20140726_untitled_ Sweetgrass and Tobacco. As the intoxicating scent from the ritual smudging, drifts on the summer breeze, we are placed in a different state of mind.  We are brought into a deeper part of ourselves. And as we focus on what is happening, the scent brings memories, awakens the soul and gives a sense of direction. A&R-2A&R-6With her great grandfathers eagle feather and a shell smouldering with sweetgrass and sacred tobacco, Alicia’s uncle performs a purification ceremony to summon the spirits on her wedding day. Alicia and Ryan’s wedding was rich with stories, symbolism and spirits.  Set on the surreal lakeside backdrop of Alicia’s family property, the ceremony site had a perfect view of her paternal grandfather’s cabin and maternal grandfather’s teepee.  Or rather the houses – and all the spirits dwelling within them – had a perfect view of the ceremony. The pine posted teepee, where Alicia’s maternal grandparents spent their last days, was carried by train, all the way across the country, by Alicia’s mother.  From its home on sacred Manitoulin Island – spirit island in the Ojibwe language and a sacred place for the native Ojibwe people – to Alicia’s paternal grandparents property in Victoria, BC. Married on a New Moon in late July, even the planets were aligned for these two on their wedding day!  Though Alicia and Ryan were unaware of their celestial prosperity, astrologers affirmed the New Moon to mark “an extraordinary day for committing to a dream!  If it’s the true wish of your heart, and you bring your whole presence to the vision, there are forces afoot to insure its perfect realization.” Spirits, stars, and a lot of special people behind these two!A&R-1 20140726_Alicia and Ryan_3326 A&R-2320140726_Alicia and Ryan_9501 A&R-220140726_Alicia and Ryan_9002 A&R-3 copy 4 A&R-1 copy 3 A&R-11A&R-12 A&R-2A&R-5A&R-3A&R-1


WEDDING GOWN – DESIGNER: Monique Lhuillier

CATERER : Heron Rock Bistro, Victoria

BC HAIR AND MAKEUP : The Strand Stand, Alyson McRae

EVENT PLANNER : Dolores Todd

VENUE : Pike Lake

PHOTOGRAPHER : Maui Maka Photography

2ndPHOTOGRAPHER : Michael Chad

FLOWERS : Bernard Anderson Flowers

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