Honeymoon : : N and J

20130319_Natalie and Jeff Honeymoon_2875

This is Natalie and Jeff.

20130319_Natalie and Jeff Honeymoon_2859For the last two weeks they’ve been hopping between Maui and Kauai for their honeymoon!  And so I went and met them in Wailea, at a beach by their hotel, to capture some casual memories of their Mauimoon!

20130319_Natalie and Jeff Honeymoon_2840 20130319_Natalie and Jeff Honeymoon_2647 20130319_Natalie_and_Jeff _Honeymoon_2704 20130319_Natalie and Jeff Honeymoon_2977 20130319_Natalie and Jeff Honeymoon_2947 20130319_Natalie and Jeff Honeymoon_2810 20130319_Natalie and Jeff Honeymoon_2808


Last fall, I had the honour of photographing their gorgeous Toronto farm wedding, alongside the amazingly talented Rebecca Amber and styled by the girls at Spread Love Events.

Though we went to University together in BC, between them migrating back east and me to Hawaii, we haven’t seen much of each other in the interim. It was so nice to catch up without the chaos of a wedding in full tilt!

I’m really looking forward to photographing another McNair sister celebration with Rebecca this summer!!  Natalie promises me it will be much, much warmer this time!

Hope you two successfully managed to avoid any further schedule beyond the Grand Wailea breakfast buffet!!

20130319_Natalie and Jeff Honeymoon_2679

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