A year in reflection…

2012 was a busy year for Maui Maka!    With a business that is outgrowing its britches as quickly as we can acquire new ones, it has often felt as if we will never catch up with ourselves.

We had grandeur ideas of a “one-foul-swoop-end-of-the-year” post, that incorporated everything we had seen in 2012…  but as most new year’s resolutions go… that was a bit ambitious.

Instead, with a full plate of destination weddings booked for 2013, I would like to take a moment – and some photos – to appreciate how lucky we are to be able to facilitate doing what we LOVE (travelling and meeting new people) with what we LOVE (taking photographs)… in MOMENTS so charged with LOVE (weddings!)


20120908_Hornby_Wedding20120908_Olowalu_Wedding320120908_Paia_WeddingBali Wedding collage-120120908_Olowalu_Wedding20120908_Puamana_Wedding20120908_Quadra_Wedding20120908_Toronto_Wedding20120908_Toronto2_WeddingWailea Wedding, Maui

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