The is the SIGN you’ve been waiting for!

a sign
a prayer
a wish
a cupcake.

“You’ve reached New York Times #1 Bestselling author Duncan Penn. Thank you for your call. I am away from my phone at the moment. If this is urgent please contact my assistant Davito Jones.”  Davito, who also goes by David Lingwood, is also a member of the Buried Life… he is not Duncan’s assistant… but he is in the habit of leaving long voicemail messages on Duncan’s behalf and was supposedly picking me up from the airport.

I flew to LA earlier this month to photograph the Buried Life for a Men’s Health article.  The last minute opportunity was made possible by Kristy covering my bookings, as well as managing her own… while simultaneously celebrating her husband’s birthday… and preparing and packing for a shoot in Canada the day I got home!  Thank goodness my business partner functions at a much higher speed then the average human being.

Half an hour early into LAX… on an already early morning flight… no word from Davito… and Duncan had probably just rolled in from the MTV movie awards which were the night before.  Chances of getting picked up were slim to none but if anyone knows how to make a miracle happen its these guys. Duncan had already parked and was waiting outside.

I spent a week with Ben, Dave, Jonnie, Duncan and their manager Penni… photographing them for the article, hiking Hollywood, eating around LA and catching up!  They never stop.  Each one of them is so inspiring,  a one-on-one conversation leaves you more impressed then their many more public accolades (basketball with Obama, guests on Oprah, New York Times Bestselling authors.)  They have a genuine way of empowering those they connect with and as a group they are really capable of anything and everything. I flew back to Maui feeling inspired, motivated and so appreciative that I live beside the ocean in Hawaii:)

Photos from the shoot coming soon!


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