adventures in our back yard. Olivine Pools, Maui – Hawaii

Living in Maui its easy to get spoiled. Its not that we take for granted that we live in such a beautiful place. Maui is amazing, but sometimes we get so busy editing photos, keeping up with blogs, facebook, and booking new clients, that we don’t have a chance to enjoy the beauty and adventures in our own backyard.  Its almost overwhelming, there are so many beautiful places to explore, but you find that routine sets in and you end up going to the same beaches day after day.

I hadn’t been to Olivine pools in years.  I had been wanting to go explore them, and finally got a car full of friends and headed north on our beautiful highway, towards Kahakuloa to Olivine Pools. We weren’t exactly sure if we knew where we were going, but we parked and walked down to such a beautiful sight.  Beautiful blue & green pools, with jagged lava rock formations surrounding you in every direction. It seems like you could walk around exploring new pools and rocky ledges all day. We had a blast, jumped in the pools, took some photos, and headed back home towards Lahaina town.  Next time we are going to pack a lunch, the music player, and head out for an all day pic-nic adventure… you should join us. *k

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