the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – aristotle

Seewah is the part that I knew. She is free spirited and special like no other.

In the eloquent words of her maid of honor…

“Seewah is hands down, the most unabashedly stoked, human being I know.”

She is gracefully stunning on every level and shines unfalteringly from the inside out. Though we have floated in and out of each other’s lives over the last decade, Seewah is love at first sight and a forever friend.  The last time I saw her was four years ago and in Bali. We were staying in a villa (five minutes from where she now lives) with a big group of our friends from home.  Coincidentally that was when we first met Tim.  He was barely introduced to Seewah and I as he breezed through our villa, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t remember either of us.  I didn’t see him again until this week.

Fast forward and I am staying with a group of Tim and Seewah’s family and closest friends and they feel like people who have always known each other.  If the seamlessness with which beautiful people gravitate towards and around these two can be equated to their love, then they were always meant to be.

The little gypsy has truly met her match and I can’t imagine two people more deserving of each other.

Tim and Seewah, I am truly honored to be in Bali celebrating and photographing the coming together of two people as special as you.

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